'Mac Marauders' - Quidditch Team of Macquarie University

We're a group that loves sport, (particularly quidditch) making new friends and having fun :) you can be a competitive or non-competitive member, because yes we do have tournaments!

We typically train three times a week, on Monday 11am-1pm, Tuesday 2pm-4pm, and Wednesday 6pm-8pm. Please feel free to show up, to train or even just say hello :)

Becoming a member is as simple as going to the Macquarie University Gym and asking to join the Macquarie Quidditch Club. Macquarie University members can also sign up via GEMS.

$45 for competitive membership
$25 for non-competitive membership

President: Maria Wizbicki
Vice President: Laura Bailey
Captain: Kieran Richards
Treasurer: Daniel Commander
Secretary: Morgan Thorndyke
Social Event Co-ordinator/Publicity: Ana Barciela
Mac Governor/Safety Officer: Scott Palmer
Auxillary: Kira Henderson