ღ All members need to Follow this rules ღ

ღ Avoid abusive language;
ღ Give respect and get respect;
ღ Girls and boys are equal here;
ღ Dont post any other links here;
ღ Sectarian posts are not allowed;
ღ You can't post any adult material;
ღ HelP othrs and be kind with othrs;
ღ Hate speech or Posts are not allowed;
ღ DailY update the group with Ur kinD post;
ღ Vulgar or hateful comments are not allowed;
ღ Add members in this group if u like this grp;

ღ Remember if U can't follow the rulz U will b kicked out permently ღ

ღ Admins ღ

ღ afsa Chaűdhary ღ Emanj Bajwa ღ Sara cheema ღ