James Cook University Law Students' Society

THIS GROUP IS MOVING TO THE NEW PAGE AT www.facebook.com/pages/JCU-Law-Students-Society/226410357454052

Also, see the new website at www.JcuLawStudents.com

JCULSS is open for everyone affiliated with law at James Cook University.

Membership in the JCULSS can be purchased for only $10 by contacting us at secretary@jculss.com

Buying a membership helps support the JCULSS in representing the interests of law students. The benefits of JCULSS membership include discounts to JCULSS events. Attending JCULSS functions allows you to meet new classmates, and others from the legal community in Townsville. Legal libations events also mean access to free drinks through a bar tab!

JCULSS members are eligible to compete in moot competitions held at JCU, which offer experience in a mock court room situation without the pressure of real life situations. Members can also be elected to positions on the JCULSS executive.

DISCLAIMER: James Cook University Law Students' Society is independent of James Cook University and the School of Law.