Malawi Watsopano

Malawi is locked up into serious problems of under-development, unemployement and an irrelevat wage system. Here we focus on the reforms that need to happen with respect to the economics, politics and institutions. It's all for our children to see that we were simply not passive members of a rotten society, but that we endevoured to correct the ills of our society for their good. On this forum we aim to discuss this including the political processes that are responsible for the current underdevelopment. We owe our children and ourselves Malawi Watsopano. In the meantime, we need to fix the politics right; and we can collectively do that by voting out the greedy politicians that leave hundreds dying everyday when the money they steal can make a big difference in the lives of the majority of our people. We will ensure that those that are responsible for the current mess, namely all those that have messed up our economy in the post one party era have no chance to demonstrate their mediocrity at the expense of you and your children's future. Our appeal!!! Don't be fooled by THIEVES who will not only steal, but also kill