SUPERDOGS (True Working K9s)

Superdogs (True Working K9s) is a group for those into breeding,... developing, training, and working Superdogs. Superdogs are those canines that do useful work, AND does them well.

Regardless of your dogs' breed, or whether the dogs are purebred or hybrids, or their registration or lack of it, or from which country you are, ALL owners/handlers/trainers of professional working dogs that actually do useful work (detection, police/military/personal/family/business protection, tracking/training, rescue, therapy, medical, guide, herding, hunting, etc.) are welcome here.

Only Superdog (True Working K9s)-related posts are allowed, others will be removed.
Members are expected to respect other members, posts/comments with bad words are to be removed immediately, without question.

Ads are welcome. But only those related to Superdogs (True Working K9s), those that contribute to the concept.

This is not a pet dog group, nor a show dog group. No toy dogs here. There is another group that you can join: "Superdogs of the Philippines". This is a more specialized group.

Group created by Dr. Abel Manalo of Manalo K9 Technologies International.