Happily and currently married/engaged to a Cuban

"Happily Married/Engaged to a Cuban" has been created to provide information in the planning stages for your wedding and immigration process. It is also a place to share your stories, heartaches, victories, and boredom! This is a "Closed" group, meaning anyone can join (if they can find us on Facebook), or be added (by a member); however the team of administrators have final approval for all requests. "Closed" also means that any information should not be visible to the rest of your "Friends" on Facebook. (Technical note: If you find that your comments in this group are visible to your other "Friends", you will need to adjust your settings for your "Profile" page.)

The ethics and responsible conduct regarding this group are as follows:

All posts, links, photos, and videos are to be free of any negative comments or personal attacks. (Frustration about the process and the governmental policies on both sides are a given and accepted.) If any of the above items are of a bullying, harassing, defamatory, insulting, judgmental, or racist-based (including anti-culture or homophobic) nature, the poster will be given a warning and reminded about our "Code of Conduct". To avoid any confusion whatsoever, negative comments include making unsavoury "sweeping generalizations" about Cubans, or any other native, from any other country; no matter how "informed" the source may be (in the poster's opinion). Superior verbal attitudes or attacks against new members in this group who are starting this process are also highly discouraged. If the negative behaviour continues, the poster will be exited from "Happily Married/Engaged to a Cuban". (Members will not be exited based on hearsay, personal opinion, or past experience.)

While excitement about existing and new business ventures is a given and encouraged, this forum/group is not geared toward self-promotion/advertising of yourself, your side business, your main business, or a business with which you are affiliated, whether you receive compensation for it, or not (“Business(es)”). This is not to say that you cannot let others know about a Business that may potentially assist them, however all promotional/advertisement activities related to Businesses are limited to the Files area of this group, in the same way as the travel agents and websites are put in that area. If you feel the need to inform someone about your Business or affiliation therein, please send them a private message or guide them within their post to the Files area where your Business information is posted.

If you have any questions, or are unsure, about what is acceptable, or unacceptable, behaviour in this group from others (or even yourself!), please do not hesitate to contact one of the administrators. Your comments or questions will remain confidential between the team of administrators unless you specify that it be made public to this group.