Maryland Subaru Club

MARYLAND SUBARU CLUB (MDSC) DOES NOT support illegal acti...vities such as street racing, dangerous or reckless driving, etc. Any posts related to these subjects will be reported to the
administrators and MAY OR MAY NOT be deleted without notice. Any posts promoting videos of illegal activities, even those which are not produced by or depict members of MDSC may be removed without notice.
Posts deemed to be in bad taste or that reflect poorly upon the group WILL be removed without notice as well as potential removal from the group.

Lewd comments, disrespectful language, personal attacks, flaming, (distasteful) trolling, threats or violation of the rules will not be tolerated (what determines conduct to fall under these guidelines falls under direct discretion of the club admins). Action may be taken ranging from a warning and discussion with one of the admins, to a ban. It is better not to post than to put someone down. If you see a problem don't engage with the individual. Please contact one of our admins via PM and let us know what is going on.

MDSC is an incredibly diverse group of individuals with a shared interest in Subarus. There is a diverse amount of knowledge, experience and wisdom that our members contribute.
Being polite and humble will go a long way towards not only getting assistance when you need it, but also making some great friends.
Each area will have 1-2 admins appointed to it depending on the amount of activity from that area.

Vendors: please contact an admin for approval before posting in the club. Before every post. Failure to do so will result in a 24hr soft ban. Repeated offenses will result in permaban.

Current Admins and people of power:
Austin G Joyce
Mike Rey
Edgar Brandt
Kyra Cowles
Timothy D'Amato
Steven Paugh
Vernon Jump
Chris Sarigianis
Tony Ozeliskdhbsbv