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Welcome to the Mega Photographers Community, this group is for p...hotography enthusiasts and professionals who are interested in sharing their photos, artistry, design and learning tips n tricks & techniques. Our focus is on exploring modern technology & software, trending in the world of digital photography and helping members find ways to develop and share their passion.


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- All images are subject to Constructive Criticism, unless stated in Original post No CC.

- Keep Constructive Criticism helpful. If you are not here to help, then you don't belong in this Group!

- Keep CC to images and avoid debating safety and legal issues.

- Keep Photography questions focused on the Art of Photography, NOT Business or Gear.

- Requesting for or promoting Pirated software or serials will get you Banned!

- There is no tolerance for rude, nasty or mean comments & people. Those will be deleted & you may be Banned!

- ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION from the original artist before downloading and editing a photo for the purposes of an example. We are here to educate, not enable.

- Posting another's work as your own will get you banned! Examples MUST have a link to the original artist & their name or your post will be deleted!

- This Group is PG Rated. No Explicit nudes or Excessively violent images allowed, images that are deemed inappropriate by the admins will be removed. NO religious or political imagery.

- A simple Link to your website is fine when you post an image. Do Not blatantly Self-Promote & DO NOT ASK everyone to Like your Facebook page or VOTE for You!

- Established photographers are Allowed to post workshops, events & specials only after seeking permission from the Admin.

- Post a reasonable number of images per day. Post "Before & Afters" as 1 combined image. Please click the Add Photo icon to post your photo(s) to this Group! Do not upload files & Please don't re-post!

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