Melbourne Evolver Forum

This forum is for the discussion of anything seen as relevant to... the ongoing transformation of people into beings capable of a deeply loving and sustainable future.

The Evolver Network has grown from our need to bring quality people and quality ideas together and develop our embryonic culture from the community level up. Using on-line tools to build off-line communities, Evolver is a worldwide phenomenon aiming to connect the dots between visionary idealism and lived experience. We bring people together to explore areas that the mainstream culture ignores or suppresses; to learn new skills; to collaborate, celebrate and create.

The Melbourne spore create events and spaces in which to gather diverse people for creativity and learning, giving airtime to ideas from radicals thinker-feeler-do-ers in our local community and the wider Evolver Network. The group is active in Melbourne with cosy community gatherings and we also journey to festivals and events to create environments designed for discussion, skill-sharing, and connecting with our rambling souls. Checking out our traveling loungeroom, The Evolver Lounge at

The greater evolver hub can be visited here: