Melbourne Dachshund Group

Hi all! This is a group based in Melbourne Australia for Dachshu...nds both big and small. There are no fees, ever. This is a group where we can all pitch in and have a say. We can organize meets, play-dates and anything else. Please check "Events" section for upcoming events.

Feel free to post pics of your dachshund and discuss everything dachshund. We are not a puppy trading post, and do not support irresponsible backyard breeders or puppy farms. We do not allow members to post females for breeding or males for studs. Posts selling items not related to our members interests in dachshunds may be deleted at discretion of our administrators.

We are very interested in the welfare of our special breed; whether it's assisting Dachshund Rescue Australia with re-homing or fundraising or supporting our members when it comes to health issues such as IVDD awareness.

As you can imagine some topics reappear as posts. Some of the more common ones and useful information about the topic have been compiled into documents and you can find these in the "Files" area of this group. Please have a look here before posting. You might just find what you are looking for.

One such topic and one that can get extremely heated concerns buying a dachshund or rather where to buy one from. After all they're such adorable dogs why wouldn't you want (at least) one! Have a look at the document and posts below it. We hope that it helps you in this decision. Related to this topic is "Where did you get your dachshund(s)?" Please remember that the person now has the dog so criticising the source really is NOT very helpful.

The administrators of this group do not want to remove posts but we do want to keep this as a family friendly group. So, please no swearing, adult content or spam! The main things that we ask are that you think carefully before you post and that you are respectful to others. Expressing your opinion is fine, but remember what your mother always told you: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Also remember that adding emoticons (smiley faces and the like), "LOL" or similar to your posts does NOT remove the potential to offend. Finally, Facebook is a public forum (even for "Closed" groups) and so what you post is subject to a range of laws and their potential sanctions. In short, think before you post.

All administrators involved in the running of this group do not take any responsibility for slander, abuse or criticism in posts on this page, therefore we are no longer responsible for any legal outcomes. The poster of the slander, abuse or criticism is responsible.

To contact the administrators either post to the group or private message them.

Sorry this is so long. So get involved with the group and let's all enjoy our elongated furry four legged friends!!!