Malaysian Estima Owner's Group

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To all dear seller,

You are welcome to sell any ESTIMA related products/services in this group.
Non related products/services or suspicious/scam advertising will be removed. However, there is a restriction of ONE POST/day and please Bump/Update your earlier advertisement to AVOID MULTIPLE posting.
Fail to do so, your posting will be Deleted with or without warning and permanent ban as a last resort.
Your co-operation is highly appreciate. Thank you

Other T&C

1) Please stated your PRICE/GIVE Away/SWAP. Firm or Negotiable. No PM are allowed!
2) Warranty (if provided)
3) COD or Postage
4) Condition of the item. New or Used.
5) ...

Admins are just another human being and they are not immune to mistake. So please help them to help you enjoy the page better from time to time. They also contribute on their free will so please do appreciate their effort and contribution.

Thank you.