R. Macedonia and Greece can be friends and we can prove it

The group was created to promote friendship and respect between Greece and R. Macedonia.

Please do not use derogatory terms such as "FYROM" or "skopia" when u refer to your northern neighbors. If u don't want to say MACEDONIA go ahead and call it "our northern neighbors" or "your country" or something like that.

Try not to discuss politics, history, etc. because we all know that it will not lead to friendly conversations. If you must, keep them friendly and respectful.

There are plenty of hate groups out there who sadly have thousands and some even reach to 100,000 members. If you feel like making ignorant statements, please join those and not this one.
This goes for people from both countries !!

TO OUR GREEK FRIENDS: Joining this group doesn't mean u have agreed with our name, u just agree to be our friends.

Disclosure: The group is not politically motivated. The political views of the administrator and all the members in this group are their personal choices and are in no way connected to the name of the group. Not all members in the group share the same opinions on the "Macedonia" name dispute. By joining this group, people do not necessarily agree or disagree with the current political climate in their respective countries.