Modern Cloth Mummies

A facebook page where we can all chat to other like minded mummies.

Feel free to share your advice/wisdom to those just starting out & also buying/selling & trading.

Please read the following rules (link is included to the file below) & try your best to be kind to everyone in this group - bullying will not be tolerated.

We look forward to talking to other MCN mummy friends & really hope this can be a friendly/relaxed & safe environment.

If you have ANY suggestions on how to keep this page running smoothly or would like me to add another album/file etc feel free to ask! :)

In order for us to accept your request to join you must have your real name in your FB profile - we will not be accepting 'buy/sell' profiles for safety reasons. We are also checking that profiles aren't new and will look at photos/friends/liked pages to check that you're real.

We want this to be a happy community where all opinions etc are taken on board and considered.

Thanks, Admin xx