1. What to post: College memories, photographs and any happy new...s related of this big Motilal family /children. Any content, that is informative and useful for other person(s). creative articles, sher-o-shayaries, blogs ,quotes., Humor is always welcomed.
2. No. of posts - No limit but one should be sensible.
3. Length of posts - Let's keep facebook's default limit (if any).
4. Who can join – Pass out from MNREC / MNNIT. Students have to wait till they get degree.
5. Not to post: Political campaign / discussions – being discouraged. Adult content - Big No.No derogatory remarks for any participant.Obsessive comments/views should be restricted. Use of cuss words / foul language must be avoided
Also, one is free to share -
i) About their experiences (in any domain, be it job, college, higher studies, business struggle/success stories, Travel and stay). Learning from your experience could be one of very important 'Success Mantra' of this group.
ii) All members should share about openings / vacancies in their respective companies on this group. We must help our Institute through network/strength across all industries.
iii) Senior Motis (or even recent alumni), if own a company or opening/ planning to open their own company/start up, that information should also be shared in this group.
iv) Many Motis have been awarded / recognized by government and other societies / clubs / groups for their work / achievements. The same to be shared / informed here too.
v) Other than annual alumni meet at college, kindly inform the alumni meet at local level too. Post photos too.