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Welcome to MUSCBD. The Officially Recognized home for Man United supporters in Bangladesh to talk and discuss about The Red Devils on facebook. Created at 01.46 AM on December 1, 2007.

And officially recognized on 4th February 2014

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On 22 June, 2012 members from this group participated in exclusive fan session with Ex- Manchester United player Quinton Fortune.

Mighty Red Legends, Bryan Robson and Dwight Yorke, came to Bangladesh on the 23 January, 2012 and showcased the historic 19th EPL title on the 24th. Our group was selected to represent the supporters from Bangladesh of the world's Greatest Football Club.

-----------------------------------------MUST READ-----------------------------------------
Dear Manchester United fans, please avoid using the term 'Man U' since it is used by opposition fans to offend the club. An early example of its usage is this chant by West Brom fans: "Duncan Edwards is manure, rotting in his grave, man you are manure- rotting in your grave". Liverpool and Leeds fans copied this with their own man you /u versions to insult all of those who died at the Munich Air Disaster. Some other examples include: "Man U, Man U, went on a plane. Man U Man U never came home again." and "Man Utd Never Intended Coming Home" (If you combine the first letter of each word, you get the word 'Munich')

So, please spread the word about not using 'Man U'.

***********************GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED************************

***NOTE: This is a FRIENDLY place where we show our love and support for Man Utd, so any kind of AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR or ABUSE towards fellow group members or in general will be dealt STRICTLY. HERE YOU ARE ASKED TO SHOW RESPECT TOWARDS FELLOW MEMBER's OPINION AND SHARE YOURS IN A CONSTRUCTIVE WAY. HAPPY POSTING.

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