Multirotors New Zealand

Kiwi based multirotor enthusiasts
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This Group is for anyone with interest in UAV/Drones around New Zealand. You might not even own one. But could do with the services of someone who does own one. UAV's can be used for a lot of different things. This group will benefit people in NZL by providing each other under certain circumstances whether its flight locations, possible event shoots or work opportunity's to help us build solid flight profiles. It would be good to discuss ideas in a wider Range of different types of operaters not just in specific or specialised groups, but for all people with a interest in the hobby. So feel free to ask questions. Show of your footage or stills. Offer your rigs for services. Try not to be negative about things. And in return Admins will keep you up to date with the local news, CAA or law changes and the latest technology in the Industry . Thanks.