Mums in Bahrain Classifieds

'Mums in Bahrain Classifieds' is the only OFFICIAL Classifieds group under the umbrella of MIB. It is a group for MIB members to use to buy and sell items, that are usually second-hand. MIBC is a free service for both buyers and sellers. Please remember to be honest & trustworthy in your dealings with other members, and to show courtesy & consideration of their privacy. Mums in Bahrain can take no responsibility for either the nature of the goods advertised, or the validity of the buyer/seller. We hope, however, that our community can all participate in this service with integrity. Any posts which are deemed by the Admins to not be relevant to the core purpose of Classifieds will be removed WITHOUT NOTICE. The place for posting questions, asking for recommendations etc is

We expect all group members to act with courtesy and respect to all other members. Any posts that are rude, aggressive, inflammatory, political, religious or abusive of other members, will be removed and members potentially blocked from the group.
Posting guidelines:
1- There is NO LIMIT on the maximum number of items that you can post at any one time. HOWEVER, if you have a LOT of items to sell (suggest more than 10) then please set up an album on your own FB profile and posting the link to that on here, rather than have lots of individual posts. This makes it easier for people to browse what you are selling, and means that other people's posts aren't 'swamped' by all of yours.
2-Please post the item details on EVERY PICTURE (not just the main post), including the PRICE, YOUR LOCATION AND INFO ABOUT THE ITEM i.e. condition, size, mileage etc. Failure to do this on a repeated basis will result in your posts being removed without notice
3-State your desired price - NO auctions or bidding please
4- Please be transparent about how you will be selling your goods i.e. first come first served OR on a reservation basis. Please ensure that buyers showing an interest are made aware of where they are in the buying queue
5- If item/s does not get sold for over 2 weeks we suggest you give to charity or remove it from MIBC and re-post it after 2 weeks
6-Maintain high safety procedures if you are receiving people at your home: your safety and security is your own responsibility.
7- For buyers: if you reserve an item, please honor any agreement made about collecting the item.
Items which are NOT ALLOWED to be sold on this group include:
Copy, replica and fake items, Alcohol, Medicines, supplements, vitamins and similar products, The Entertainer vouchers, Animals (only pets being given away for re-homing for free are allowed)
Posts asking for domestic helpers are ALLOWED, as are posts by people wishing to rent or sell their OWN properties. Posts by real estate agents are NOT ALLOWED.
For Businesses:
NO business posts of ANY kind