Muslim Entrepreneur Online

Welcome to all Entrepreneurs and Hustlers!
We are passionate wit...h the purpose to bring people together and create a forum for sharing ideas and information relating to financial prosperity.

Our focus is Digital Entrepreneurship, particularly profitable internet based businesses because they can often be created with very little capital expense, and can also be run alongside a more traditional means of employment if so desired.

Despite the name “MuslimWealthClub”, we are open to EVERYONE with a positive attitude and the ambition to hustle and win!

The rules here are very simple. Come, see, learn, share and do all those things with respect for one another. No spam, selling without permission or being a jerk will be tolerated!

Never use our group to try to grow your own community, generate traffic to your site, event or offer, raise awareness for your cause etc. you could easily find yourself banned. Our group is not your chance to dance in the spotlight without permission

WARNING: This group is about positive support and learning, NOT politics, religion or debates (plenty of other places for that).

Peace and happy selling!