MACF (My Android Cyber Family)

This is not any ordinary group. We are united as one. We are all... family here. If you’re asking why, it’s because the main goal of this group is to help, provide, and unite all members.
All members can ask anything from the admins. As long as it is computer or internet-related we will do our best to provide and help you with your needs. From downloading music or movies or asking for applications to questions regarding freenet we will do our best to help out.
But this group does not stop on freenet and internet alone. If you need help with anything like you’re assignments in school or any other question regarding other areas, as long as it’s relevant, we also have members who specialize in different fields that can also help you out. Just remember that the golden rule of this group is to help out and never ask for anything in return. In this group we don’t just ask, we also help other members to make our connections stronger.
Also remember that making fun of other members is strictly prohibited and not tolerated. We all make mistakes. We as members of this group correct those mistakes, not make fun of it. Converse with other members, share your knowledge and skills to other members. We are all benefactors of this group since each member always has something to share. And what makes this group stand out is that we do not ask for anything in return because the knowledge and skills that other members share to us is already a huge benefit.
The admins also have other tasks to do for the benefit of the members. We also help develop your own skills and talents as well as enhancing your leadership skills so that we would be able to lead in the future.