MyCebuOnline a new business tool that aims to provide in...formation on local businesses and job hiring in Cebu. It is a cool new innovation that brings together a BUSINESS DIRECTORY and JOB LISTING BOARD! brings you a neat, clean, and comprehensive business directory and complete job listings. Find what you're looking for with ease.

Who We Are

MyCebuOnline is the leading online business directory and job site in Cebu. Ever since its launching in May, 2011, MyCebuOnline has been committed to providing top-quality online advertising services for local Cebu-based and national business organizations, serving as a prominent, up-to-date source of information for users.

Our comprehensive database of clients and user-friendly but no-nonsense website consistently meet users' demands for accurate information on local businesses, and our unique mix of strong, effective online and traditional marketing strategies ensure broad exposure and lasting impressions. Whether looking for a nice restaurant for tonight's dinner, or a spa for a relaxing massage, or computer stores that sell the latest technology, or a comprehensive listing of suppliers for your own business, MyCebuOnline can help you find what you need to know.
How We Can Help Your Business

MyCebuOnline is committed to: 1) providing effective online advertising combined with highly-visible traditional marketing and advertising methodologies that is guaranteed to increase your business' visibilty and reach to exisiting and prospective clientele; 2) providing comprehensive job posting and searching services that will enable you to source the best qualified personnel for your staffing requirements.