CurlFriends: Natural Hair & More

***Life, laughter, and support....with some hair stuff sprinkled in***
This group is all about encouraging and empowering natural hair. It's also about LIFE, health, fitness, current events, and FUN! This group is for any and everyone (yes even those who are not natural yet). Discrimination on ANY level will not be tolerated. With any body of people, guidelines must be in place so that we are on the same page as to what is and is NOT acceptable. This group will not be ladened with tons of rules but these are the ones that we feel are most important to keep in mind as long as you are here:

Please come in and introduce yourself!
ALL Advertisements MUST be approved prior to posting! Unapproved ads will be deleted!
We ask that you interact with the group before attempting to sell or promote your product, youtube channel, or page.
Please refrain from adding members under the age of 21. Some discussions may not be suitable for minors.
If you are not natural, please be courteous and say so in your caption when posting pictures.
Debates and discussions can and will become heated. If a particular subject is too touchy or personal for you, consider moving on and not getting involved.
You may not harass, abuse, threaten, or advocate violence against other members or individuals. It is immediate grounds for termination.
You may not post content that is harmful to minors, belittling to other's faith, religion, sexual preference or lifestyle.
No religious nor political posts or comments. This is not the place to try and convert others to your particular religioous or political views/beliefs. Asking for prayers or support is ok and allowed.
No Spamming or flooding the group walls or post with repeated, unnecessary content or advertisements.
Screenshots are permitted but please black out or crop out names and/or group info when posting.
You may post adult-oriented content with the exception of private parts (please practice good judgement).
Please NO graphic videos allowed. Repeat offenses will result in banning.
Some content may be more appropriate in some contexts than others. We reserves the right to remove content that is determined to be inappropriate and in violation of our rules.
Posts can and maybe removed per admin discretion without explanation.
If you have any questions about these guidelines or any violation of these guidelines, please contact one of the group administrators. Your admins are: E. Lynn Wilson, Robin Palmer, Tamara Denise, and Jamiea Ratcliff. YOU CANNOT BLOCK ANY ADMIN OF THIS GROUP.