My UoH (HCU)

Welcome to “My UoH (HCU)”, a community group of people associate...d the University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India. It’s generally expected that people linked to UoH join here like students, alumni, teaching and administrative staff and so on.

Please note that this is neither any official group of the university nor the university administration is responsible anything regarding the activity of the group.

If you find people not related UoH/outside of UoH are here then please bring it in the notice of the admins of the group.

Members can share things pertaining the university affairs/happenings or constructive matters which will be helpful to other members of the community like academic information, research related activities, seminars, conferences, job openings, scholarships and so on.

Members are requested to avoid irrelevant, controversial, ‘religious’, ‘extreme political’ posts or something which may hurt others or bring unnecessary petty debates.

Further, if you notice anything happening as such, please report the post.

Few Things to Remember:

1. It’s a free and open group. Feel free to join or leave.
2. Members are bound to follow and respect the ethics of the group.
3. No way, it’s against the integrity of the university or our country.
4. No abuse or personal comment to fellow members or the the group admins is allowed.
5. Group Admins are not responsible for individual posts or comments.
6. Any post which does not fit into the group may be deleted or members may be removed without any notice and explanation.
7. In a complicated matter group admin's decision will be final.

Feel free to suggest and comment.
Please keep adding your friends too.