"My heart beats for a better world" South Sudan

we will organize a Flashmob in Juba on 06.12.2014 at 22.00 a clock. We want to build a heart with standing peoples they all hold a light in the hands and then we make pictures and videos from it and post it on all our facesbooks.the name of this action is "My heart beats for a better world"
And in the same time like you in Africa we also make the same action in germany ...in Nepal...in South Sudan and we will see on what other places also. Next week the Map on the top goes online and every body on the hole world can pin his one heartmarker in his livingplace, also he can post videos and pictures behind the marker. So I hope next time we only see hearts on the Map not any more ground.
Wish all a nice weekend and good luke for the action and fun on the date.
yours Thomas