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| MOC | - My Own Clicks, Group Rules & Policies.

1. My Own Clic...ks, popularly known as | MOC | group for Photography Enthusiasts.

2. MOC, a free hobby group, anyone can join, anyone can add their friends.

3. MOC welcomes all members to freely contribute their owned pictures from, around the globe.

4. Post your OWN Photos only – Not the Photos taken by others!!

5. You can write a “GOOD DESCRIPTION / LOCATION / EXIF” along with the uploading photo, and can add your own photography page links in the "caption" along with the uploading photo, if a post with only links in "caption" should be deleted.

6. From 01.June.2016, MOC limits 3 PHOTOS per day, as the DAILY UPLOAD LIMIT to a Member.

7. MOC doesn't allow if any post that contains "(WHERE / WHAT IS THIS?)" types of posts. If we found such types, such posts will deleted immediately without prior intimation.

8. MOC strictly prohibits posting of any types of Advertisement / offer / Pornography / links / shares from any sites / persons / communities / personal portraits / photo-shoots / modelling, except own photography page link in the caption.

9. MOC prohibits posting of links on wall which promotes any commercial activity. Admins can however allow certain links, if they benefit the group. Any member must take permission from one of the Admins before posting any link promoting an activity that directly / indirectly involves money, else the post become deleted without prior intimation.

10. MOC does not encourage any discussion not related to the subject and interest of group (unless with a prior permission of Admins)

11. MOC expect everyone to maintain the decorum of the group and any indecent behaviour against any member of the group will not be tolerated. Such acts will result in immediate expulsion from the group.

12. Posting tutorials, events, or news related to photography and its studies are encouraged (Please do not repost what has already been posted earlier, even if previously uploaded photos too).

13. Admins of the MOC holds the right to delete any post / comment without prior intimation and to remove / ban any member.

14. Admins have the right to change the above rules without and prior intimation.

15. Show your BEST Photos, No SELFIES please.

- - Thanks everyone! Keep Posting - -

Team AdminZ,
| MOC |

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