Antibedroom tax natter group.

Pat Millership

This is a group for all those who wish just to have a general page to discuss a range of topics. Please play nice and remember not all your opinions will be shared by others. The natter group will mostly remain unmoderated, however should abuse be targeted at ANYONE I do reserve the right as Admin and owner of the page to take action. Also if any member blocks me or any other Admin they will be removed, so please check your settings to ensure that no admins are blocked on your account. If anyone finds problems you should just PM me, also please make sure should you post anything containing your personal info that this is removed before posting.
In view of some of the posts we have had recently Admin do try and keep things unsuitable off the page, but we cannot be responsible for everything that is posted. There has recently been a few people receiving “nasty” messages from apparent group members, like many other groups there seems to be people who are “ borrowing” members identities and using them for mischief. Please if you get any messages like this or are having your name used in this way contact facebook and report it. Also let one of the Admin here know as well. May I also remind members that should any graphic photo's either violent or phornographic be posted on threads here they will be removed.
As we are receiving a number of "bogus" requests to enter the page I have had to take the decision that anyone with a totally limited timeline will not be accepted for admittance to the group, also we shall be placing priority on people wishing to join who have friends within the group already. Sorry for any wait you may be experiencing to join.
There is also the Antibedroom tax page should any of you need help and advice about BT or other matter about welfare reform we may be able to help you with. Also if anyone can make it please take a look at this event!

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