Natyashasthra & Indian Classical Dances

Hello friends , Welcome to Natyashastra & Classical Dances !

T...he group's main aims are to promote Indian Classical Dances and to provide a platform for discussing various aspects and nuances related to 'Natyashasthra' and other forms of Indian dances .

You may post photos ,articles,video clips,events and invitations of dance programmes, provided they adhere to group rules & cyber rules.

Avoid flooding of posts and photos.Let everybody have their spaces.please do not hurt other members with your words or postings.You are requested to behave politely to all members.Strictly avoid obscene languages,misusing the group by using fake ID's,posting nude pics/video links etc..

If a post /photograph/comment or an advertisement is found not agreeable to our group's ethics,the same will be removed without notice or info.if appear repeatedly, the member shall be banned.

For whatever reasons,character assassination will not be allowed.Calling names or swearing will be removed and if a member continue to do so,he/she will be removed from the group.

Let us engage in discussions related to all forms of Dances,provided they follow in a civilized manner.

Posts lacking details should be avoided.Please post your own photos with watermarks or logos as far as possible.If you happen to post somebody's photos please acknowledge the photographer and make sure the photograph has no copyright issues.

All members are equal in this Group,and make sure even if you disagree with another person's opinion or view ,please do not use harsh language.

Please be aware of Face Book regulations and cyber laws, and kindly do not violate any cyber rules which may lead to the closure of the Group).

Please also remember that the members are solely responsible for their postings and not the group.Members can also suggest their opinions and if found suitable,it will be added to general rules.

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