Nepali Mangakas : Get To Work !!!

Yo! NEPALI Mangakas/Otakus, this place is perfect for showing your Extremely awesome drawings and artworks... let's work together to create a new generation of Nepali Mangakas. Even if you Don't draw enjoy the work of our Artists here!!!! :)
1. Draw as much as
you can and post it
2. Don't hesitate to post your work, if it's bad for you...than it is a masterpiece for us
3. No proudy nature please..we know you're good..
4. Motivate everyone to draw..
5. Be open-minded, accept criticism :) but feel free to complain <in a proper way> if you are being insulted or offended .
6. Every post will have to include the materials used and where they were used so as to help viewers get better idea of use of materials and also help you suggest new materials and ideas :3 (Y)
That's all for now :D but as time passes by then we will surely make improvements and amendments .So please feel welcome to give feedbacks and suggestion .
Proud Nepali,Proud Otaku!!!