Newcastle everything must go

Swearing, creating offensive comments or images, aggressive behaviour and attempt to buy or sell stolen or illegal items will result in your membership being revoked immediately without notification and you will be reported to Facebook and Local Authority with any and all evidence required for prosecution.

Illegal items include, but are not limited to: Knives, Guns, Drugs, etc...

There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule, we will enforce and uphold the law wherever possible and take anti-social behaviour very seriously.

*Do not comment on an advert if you have no intention of buying the item, other than finding out more information about the item to help you make an informed decision.
*Monday and friday are advertisement days. If any one places a business advert on any day that is not Monday or Friday it will be removed and you wil be warned. If you continue to break the rules you will be banned. This decision was made due to many complaints from members that private selling/buying adverts where not given a fair chance of viewing.. we want everyone to enjoy there buying/selling experience and felt this was the fairest option for business and private advertisers.

please state area and price on all items if no price or area is stated within 24 hrs of being asked, admin has the right to remove post If no reply to any post after five days admin has the right to remove post