New York Armenians

Pari Yegak = Welcome

The main purpose of this group is for Armenians in New York City and New York State, including NJ/CT/MA/PA to communicate and meet their social needs.

1. Promotion of events and businesses organized by Armenian individuals, organizations and businesses

2. All Armenians and Armenians by affiliation and friends of Armenians, are welcome to network here. Communication has to be Armenian related.

3. Due to recent technical changes by FB format. We have started special notices or topics as "files". Please check them when you get a chance.

4. It's a MUST to summarize posts that are not in ENGLISH language.

5. Please don't post and run: Give a brief summary if it's not easily obvious what the post is about.

6. There are enough forums related to political discussions.

7. Posts should be related to Armenians. If an event's nature isn't about Armenian culture or business, please find the appropriate FB forum to post in.

8. All posts should be of ARMENIAN nature.

9. Any post that doesn't follow the above points, might be removed without warning.

This is an Armenian community service done on a voluntary basis:
We have several members to assist as admin. namely Hayk Rakidjian, Berj Manuk, Talene Kachadourian, Hrant Antreasian, Alex Tegnazian, Talar Ardzivian. In addition to our admin, we have more dedicated members who volunteer to bring value to the New York and Eastern US Armenian community.

Thank you everyone for being part of New York Armenians group!


Lucine Tegnazian

P.S. For new members: If you want to see the posts, simply tick "Get Notifications" and it will show up in your News Feed. It's underneath the like button.