Hello All! Though I’d post a note on some ideas I had for what w...e could use this group for. I was imagining we could use this as a place to post pictures of great meals and recipes, and we could see who’s going to various events in case we want to pull the crowd or something. Anything else would be cool too, but those are some ideas. What do people think?

Just want to say you should feel free to add other friends and family interested in healthy food. All about eating healthy food, ingredients, recipes and cooking. Leading the way in combining the goodness and bringing healthy cooking to every home.

This group is open to residents and friends and is intended as a social foodie group. For anyone who likes to inspire or be inspired, look at, eat and talk about food. Sometimes I find myself not wanting to post photos of an amazing meal I had or dish I made on Facebook because I don’t want to annoy my friends who aren’t foodies.

This is meant to be a place for those types of photos. This group is for people who want to celebrate food. Let’s have fun!