NINO Babywearing South Africa

NINO South Africa, is a non-profit group dedicated to continue the vision of NINO International, by promoting babywearing through education and advocacy in South Africa.

The name NINO, stands for Nine In, Nine Out, was inspired by the work of the renowned anthropologist, Ashley Montagu. NINO advocates nine months in the womb and baby should be worn for at least nine months out. NINO International was a volunteer-run non-profit organization that existed to promote babywearing and its benefits to the general public, healthcare professionals, and social services professionals. It helped many babywearing advoates starting their local NINO groups, and educated many babywearing educator, involved in babywearing related scientific research projects, distributing downloadable printed resources, newsletters, links, as well as contact info for instructors, and more.

NINO SA’s mission is to continue the vision or NINO international, and promote the art and science of babywearing to help make it a universally accepted and supported practice.