Our Chihuahuas

We want to keep this group happy and uplifting so some ru...les need to be in place, but in no way do we want to run this group like a prison. We want to have fun and love on our fur babies
Any concerns or questions should be directed to the admins. Roxanne Corralejo, Chrystyna Jeter or myself (Diane Lopez) You can either tag us in a post or PM us.
1. No name calling or rude comments.
2. No posts of injured animals or animals from shelters on death row.
3. No asking for donations
4. Please do not post about needing to rehome you pet because you are moving. This just usually infuriates everyone because we love our dogs so much. Then we all resort to violating rule #1. These posts will be deleted immediately.
5. Please no post sharing. Let’s keep this about our dogs. Pictures, stories, needed prayers and any educational information that may be useful for our babies i.e organic supplements etc.
6. No pregnant dogs or litters. If it’s your new puppy/newborn you are keeping that is fine. This rule applies for same reason as rule #4 usually triggers violating rule #1
7. No posting about looking for a dog to breed with.
8. No selling or advertising
9. Blocking admins will result in deletion
10. We do not dog discriminate. All beautiful dogs welcome.