Nintendo Pokemon Communication Group ( Malaysia )

Welcome to the Malaysian Pokémon Community.

This group is a place where all Malaysian Pokémon lovers can come and have fun, discuss and do various stuff together. We have a few rules for you to remember if you are to be in this community:

1. Spamming and vulgarity is not allowed. Keep it safe for work. No politics, religion or any sensitive stuff either.

2. We permit any content as long as it adheres to the rules below and related to Pokémon. Certain post can be made exception by the permission of mods.

3. We do not support piracy, any offenders will be given warnings only once and repeated offenders will be banned.

4. We view cloning, hacking and genning as illegal and it is not allowed in this group. We do not care if you don’t care. If you want to do the trade in this group, you should care.

5. Please ensure you provide enough information for every trade, giveaway and anything else that you do (whenever applicable). We only allow legit/legal Pokémon in this group. For more information on legality of Pokémon please go here:

6. You are welcomed to sell/trade any Pokémon related product here, but NPCG will not be responsible for any problems what so ever. Do report to us if you found any suspicious activity.

7. Selling Pokémon and event codes (that are free) are not permitted in this group.

8. Scamming will result if hefty penalty. We are a very close community. Do not test us.

Please also read the newbie guide on Pokémon here:

We host gatherings and contest from time to time, look here for schedules: