The purpose for creating the Nigeria Police Force - Public Safety Group on Facebook is to enable everybody participate in the plan of the NPF to further improve the security of lives and property in Nigeria.

The nation's objective is to be prepared to prevent, respond to, or protect or recover from any type of catastrophe. To achieve that objective,Bold Support Services in Collaboration with SGE Limited created Public Safety Group to enable each and every Nigerian provide detail information of suspected activities in the environment or community per time. This will help the Nigeria Police Force to:

. Protect the nation against dangerous people.
. Protect the nation against dangerous goods.
. Protect the nation's critical infrastructure.
. Establish a national emergency management system.
. Provide tools for emergency management.
. It will enable the Nigerian Police Force to respond & act swiftly.

The amount of damage or loss associated with an event is predicated on the severity a hazard poses and the risk or vulnerability potential of the target. Risk mitigation will reduce target vulnerability by reducing exposure to the effects of a hazard, thereby lessening damage and loss values.

Damages and losses associated with dangerous people and goods, as well as natural events, can be overwhelming when the threat involves our nation's critical infrastructure.

We have learned from the October 1st & UN Bombing events that emergency response and recovery efforts are dramatically impaired when there is a loss of communications, transportation routes, network connectivity, and resource capability.

Security work is everybody's business, so save yourself and the citizens by providing information right-away.

Bold Support Services & SGF Limited