St. Xavier's School, Delhi - Non Resident Global DOXA Chapter

DOXA (Delhi Old Xaverian Association) has spread its wings outside of Delhi's Raj Niwas Marg to cover the entire globe with the formation of a Non Resident Global DOXA Chapter.

We have branches in five continents, many nations, and several big cities. A huge network is quickly being built and memories being shared and multiplied.

List Of Office Bearers of the Non Resident Global DOXA Chapter

Chairman, Non-Resident Global DOXA Chapter
Yakub P. Mathew (1982)

Treasurer, Non-Resident Global DOXA Chapter
Sandeep Shroff (1984)

Advisor, Non-Resident Global DOXA Chapter
Jaisimha Saranathan (1982)

Executive Assistant, Non-Resident Global DOXA Chapter
Geetali Sharma (2005)


New York Chapter

-President, Ashok Mathias (1974)
-Vice President, Michael Gonsalves (1978)

New Jersey Chapter

-President, Deepak Appaya (1971)
-Vice President, Vipul Malik (1979)

Mid Atlantic Chapter

-President, Arun Charan (1982)
- Vice President, Abraham Mathew (1985)
-Advisor, Satish K Gupta (1971-1983)

Mid West Chapter

President, Sanjay Sadana (1982)

West Coast Chapter

-President, Sunil Mathur (1976)
-Vice President, Clyde Pinto (1982)


-UK & Europe President, Varun Malhotra (1968)
-UK President, Nandan Mer (1982)


President (New Zealand, Australia and Far East)
Joseph Thomas (1975)

Vice President, Australia
David George Manacheril (1991)

Vice President, Australia
Vasu Ranganathan (1984)

Vice President, Singapore
Hansel Lobo (1978)


President, Rajiv Sehgal (1975)


President, Saji Zacharia (1984)

Abu Dhabi

President, Naseem Ahmed Siddiqui (1982)


Greater Toronto Chapter
-President, Jay Gupta (1976)
-Vice President, Sameer Dhawan (1984)
-Vice President, Vikas Puri (1993)

Ontario Chapter
-President, Chanchal Chakravarti (1983)
-Vice President, Gagan Bagotra (1983)
-Treasurer, Yogesh Grover (1985)


President, Rahul Savara (1979)