Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters

Northern NSW is an area with low vaccination rates at risk of ep...idemics of contagious disease.

We are a group of local people who have got together with a shared interest in increasing the immunisation rates in our community. Our motivation is simple - we want to try and reduce the risk of epidemics of contagious disease, prevent the pain and suffering that vaccine preventable disease can cause, and protect the vulnerable that can't be vaccinated because of age or illness.

We want to send a positive message out there to people who are confused or hesitant about vaccinations, to provide honest and clear information, and to support one another as we strive to prevent infectious disease.

We are a closed group that welcomes like minded members. Any member can ask a new member to join, but only the admins can approve them. In order to maintain our core values, please write a brief recommendation and introduction if inviting someone to join us.