Northern Rhodesia & Zambia Group, or (the NRZ)

This Site, the Northern Rhodesia & Zambia Group, is also known as the NRZ, and has been created so as to give all those past residents of Northern Rhodesia and Zambia an opportunity to share their photos and to unite together in order that we might make new friends and rekindle our old friendships of yesteryear, ie, from the early 1930's until the present time, to date.

To qualify, you need to have been born or lived or worked or schooled, in either Northern Rhodesia or Zambia for a period of at least three (3) months.

People in transit also qualify to be part of this Group so what the heck, feel free to join too.

How to use this site :
Once you have found this site and become a member invite other friends to join this site and participate in the network of friends finding friends, old or new. Feel free to upload your old photos and documents and share them with your old friends and others whom you have not met.

We would also like and want you to use this site when convening or organising a Reunion or Gathering, say a school reunion, a group tour or a town reunion, eg. Broken Hill Bash, or whatever function that keeps us together.

This Site does not compete with or replace any other site currently known as the Great North Road (GNR) which can be found on the Internet. It merely facilitates the possibility of us networking with one another thus keeping up our old friendships through the messaging facility.

Should you wish to visit the Great North Road or GNR as it is more commonly known, go to Google and do a search for it.

Feel free to participate and enjoy yourself .

Speedy Morris