NYC Gay Nightlife

***The Official & First FB Page for NYC Gay Nightlife***


Want to know where all the best parties are in NYC? Join the group and stay updated, take it from the people who actually knows what's happening in New York City. Despite all the hard hits to NYC Gay Nightlife we are still the greatest city in the world for nightlife. With this group you'll always be updated on what's hot and what's still goin' strong.

What You Can Do:
1. Invite Your Friends
2. Upload Photos/Flyers/Etc. Let Everyone Know What You Think Is Hot!
3. Start a Discussion; Something you like? Don't Like? What do you want to see change in nightlife?
4. Refer your friends to come here when they want to know what's going on at night
5. Comments/Suggestions for new nights, new ideas and new opportunities
6. Follow NYC Gay Nightlife on Twitter: