New Zealand Skeptics

The New Zealand Skeptics form a network of New Zealanders including scientists, health professionals, teachers, magicians and many others from all walks of life. Members have a variety of economic beliefs, political leanings and views on religion, but are all interested in examining what objective scientific support there is for claims of such things as psychic abilities, alternative health practices, creationism and other areas where science, pseudo-science and shonky science interact.

To become a member of NZ Skeptics, go to (annual subs are currently $40 for waged, $20 for unwaged, $60 for a household and $50 for overseas).

You are also welcome to join the associated Facebook group called "New Zealand Skeptics - Closed Group" that acts as a forum for discussions that won't appear on your timeline for all to see:

There is also a group called "Skeptical Parents NZ" which is more focussed on combating a lot of the "woo" that flies around parenting circles:

Don't be offended if your request to join is ignored if:
* You have an almost empty profile
* Your profile is locked down (can't vet you, too bad)
* You belong almost exclusively to buy/sell/trade groups
* Your profile picture is a mobile phone displayed in a box
* You have recently joined Facebook
* You offer *special* massages
* You only post daily affirmations on your timeline


No hard and fast rules as such, just some guidelines the admins apply to the group:

1) Main "rule of thumb" is don't be a jerk

2) This is a fun and informative group - we have some great discussions, however at times debates can be a little heated. If you have delicate feelings, this may not be the place for you

3) This is a skeptics group - if you make assertions/claims/statements, be prepared to be asked to back them up with evidence. It is unlikely you will be taken on your word, so if you are unable to do that, please think twice before posting. And don't get defensive if you are asked to prove your points - that is *not* an attack on you

(words partly stolen from Australian Skeptics)

Admins have final say with no absolute guarantee of consistency.

Facebook admins:
- Susan Sinclair
- Nicky Drake
- Lisa Taylor
- Paul Ashton
- Storm Geldenhuis
- Mark Honeychurch
- Jess Stringer
- Nathan Grange