Oahu Hiking Community

Beginning as 'Schofield Hiking Club' at the beginning of 2014, O...ahu Hiking Community has become a hub of information for the hikers of Oahu.

Ask questions. Share pictures and stories. Give advise, or keep an open mind to learn from the collective experience and knowledge here.

Group up and enjoy this island that is 'The Gathering Place'.

Disclaimer: The Oahu Hiking Community page does not condone illegal/prohibited activities or trespassing under any circumstance. The volunteers who run this page do not claim to be professionals or experts, just avid hikers here on Oahu. Remember, hiking is an inherently dangerous activity; do so at your own risk.
Leave as little impact behind you on our trails and help to protect and preserve these beautiful Islands for future generations to appreciate.

1. OHC is not liable for anyone trespassing in/on off limits areas. Anyone going into off limits areas does so of their own accord and at their own risk. OHC is not responsible for you.
2. Anyone obviously inciting drama or intending to harass members of OHC will be removed from OHC.
3. Any advertising (Ray-Bans, obvious ads, etc.) will result in account banning. If you're concerned about whether what you want to post is advertising or not, just PM an admin first.
4. Location sharing is at the discretion of the poster; ask for directions in PM.
Incidents where these basic rules are broken will result in the removal of offending people. Those who wish to dispute can PM any of the admin.