Oakham (in Rutland, UK) FREE Job Advertising

This group is for all job seekers in and around Rutland. Employe...rs may advertise their legitimate and genuine job opportunities here. Advertising is completely free of charge, but must comply with the following requirements.


1) All job adverts must be based within Rutland (or in neighbouring county areas).
2) It would be helpful to job seekers that when a job offer has been filled or no longer valid, then the job advert is deleted (but don't worry too much if you forget!) .
3) Job adverts may be bumped/re-posted as many times as necessary, but please be respectful to other advertisers and job seekers.
4) Admin take absolutely no responsibility for any job advert in any way. However, any job advert that is illegal, not genuine or indecent will be taken down.
5) Job seekers may post their own requests for employment but only on Sundays, please. This is to allow for the majority of posts to be from employers offering jobs - which we're sure you'll agree would be more beneficial for all.
6) Unrelated posts to local job advertising will be removed.
7) Agencies are welcome to join and advertise suitable vacancies. However, please keep individual posts relevant and local.
8) Any posts that are not specifically job-related, e.g. "Thanks for the add" etc., will be deleted after a couple of days. We're not trying to be awkward - it's just so we can keep this group relevant and on topic for everyone. Don't be offended!
9) If you see anything untoward that you feel shouldn't be here, please report it immediately.