Oak Island-Southport Social Club

Hi, everyone! I've created this group as a way for folks on Oak Island and Southport to meet or get together and share good times or just chat online. Feel free to share anything related to Southport, Oak Island or Brunswick County.

1) Anyone can recommend a local business or give constructive feedback.

2) Anyone can post information here about upcoming events in the area.

3) Anyone who wants to attend something can use the group to invite others, to share rides, to be sure that someone you know will be there.

4) The group could be a way to post an invitation for an individual or company to attend a movie, to grab a bite to eat, to take a walk on the beach, to go for a bike ride, to kayak, to go sailing - the possibilities are endless.

5) Everybody can invite other people to join, and the more members there are, the more the possibilities.