The Official Stanford Class of 2020

Welcome to the Official Stanford Class of 2020 group!

This grou...p is limited to matriculated students of the Stanford Undergraduate Class of 2020 (sorry, no boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, or pets). Please do not request to join unless you are a member of the Class of 2020.

*** To facilitate the approval process, please use your first and last name, as listed in Axess.***

As with all aspects of student life on campus, your conduct in this private group is governed by the spirit of the Fundamental Standard, which states (in part) that "Students are expected to show both within and without the university such respect for order, morality, personal honor and the rights of others as is demanded of good citizens." In short, we expect all members of this online community to be positive contributors, responsible and appropriate in their postings.

Solicitations posted to this group will be deleted.

For questions, contact Approaching Stanford (the administrator of this group) at using your Stanford email address. More information at