Ohio Nissan 240sx Parts


Okay, so i created this site basically so people could sell/trade nissan 240sx parts this includes aftermarket and stock clean/good pars This is going to be a strictly

s13 and s14 parts site besides 180sx stuff and other nissan capable parts, no Bullshit.

Rules-Yes theres rules just so you relize why i deleted you shit.

Rule #1- If you want to buy some stuff (WTB) make it clear, so we all know, Also put a way to contact you i.e,(telephone number only if you feel comfortable doing that, or message,email, send a post card i really dont care how you want someone to get a hold of you, but you should)

Rule #2- Put your location ie(columbus ohio, newark ohio) just dont put some some stupid shit like "uhhh i live in columbus but im 20miles outside of it"

Rule #3- i dont know ill probably come up with some other shit once i see some stupid
ass post like "i got lot of 240 parts lmk what you need"< thats a fail in my book

UPDATE!! im going to delete everything from a month back. Reasons for this is because itll take less time to look for your part, so if you have a list of stuff just update it month to month as it becomes sold or your selling something else... thanks