Created May 8th 2008 by Segun Ologe, Okun Co...mmunity on Facebook is the first and largest community of Okun people on the internet.

It is:
A group created to encourage socialization among Okun people;
A forum for discussion of political issues;
A means of communication for ideas and ideals;
An avenue for reuniting with old friends and creating new friendship;
and for announcements and notification.

Your contributions here will determine our growth and impact. Please invite your family and friends to join in.


1.No Impersonation – We don’t want members with strange offensive or fake names. We also have zero tolerance for anyone who deliberately or maliciously posts something while pretending to be someone else. This will result in automatic and permanent banishment.

2.No Spam – The deliberate posting by members of pyramid schemes, chain letters, commercial advertisements or anything illegal or illicit is not permitted.

3.No Offensive Posts/Flaming – Personal or discriminatory attacks in the form of name calling/insults, harassment, defamation or other extreme or inappropriate comments are not acceptable. If members see any offensive posts, please do not respond to them. Instead, report them to the admin or any group officers you know.

4.Respect Group Officers –Please show respect to the admin and officers of this group.

5.Treat Each Other With Respect – We understand that some topics can become the centre of heated debates. We also understand that not everyone gets along. Quite often, things are merely misunderstandings. Regardless of which situation applies, please treat each other with respect. Avoid name calling and resorting to offensive. Wherever possible, try to quickly clarify misunderstandings. When that's not possible, simply agree to disagree and move on.

6.Keep it Factual & Cite Sources – If you make a statement, please let people know if it’s just an opinion, an interpretation or if it’s a direct quote (i.e., "in my opinion..." or "according to ..."). Please cite sources used so that other’s will have the chance to form their own informed opinions. This should make any information exchanges more fruitful.

7.Stay on Topic – Keep in mind that this is the Okun Community on Facebook page, so the topics of discussion should revolved around our people, events, notifications, announcements, etc.