One Million Strong for Barack Obama

This is continuation of the Largest Obama facebook Group which is now unavailable. We started before the Campaign was official and because of all your help as volunteers, donors, and supporters, Obama was successfully able to win the election!

Temp Group Rules:


Photos must be directly related to a positive image of Barack Obama. Any advertisements, unrelated pictures or doctored ones with a purpose to defame Barack's image will be immediately removed and the member posting them may be banned. Otherwise, please feel free to post pictures from Barack Obama events, pictures of you and your friends wearing Obama shirts, etc. Please refrain from posting duplicates or multiple similar photos to keep the photo section clean.

1. Spam, or advertising of some service, product, or application, is prohibited. You will be banned on the first offense.

2. Trolling, or posting for the sole purpose of significantly disrupting the group atmosphere without contributing to discussions, is prohibited. You will be banned on the first offense.

It should be noted that dissention ≠ trolling. Republicans ARE welcome to post here; there will be no banning or thread deletions on the basis of your ideology.

3. Directly attacking people with sexist, racist, or homophobic insults is prohibited. You will be banned on the first offense.

4. Harassment of other members will not be tolerated. We do not handle harassment between members that takes place privately (i.e. inbox messages); it is up to the users to adjust their privacy settings accordingly.

5. Off-topic content, or content not having to do with politics, is welcome. However, be sure to preface thread titles with "OT:" Off-topic threads that lack this preface will be deleted on sight.

6. Threads must contain some sort of information, argument, or substance. Those that have none of these things will be deleted on sight.

7. Thread titles must not contain excessive CAPS, ***symbols***, or swearing. Threads that do will be deleted on sight.

8. If a thread is significantly disruptive and detrimental to the group atmosphere, and it's established no reasonable discussion is possible, administrators are permitted to delete it. However, they must give timed warnings before deletions to allow for discussion on why the thread is being deleted. If the objection to the thread’s deletion is overwhelming, the administrator should reconsider the decision.


Spamming and bigoted attacks on other members are grounds for an immediate banning. Anything else is fair game; the wall will be less regulated than the discussion board.


The following is a list of recommendations for discussion board conduct. You are NOT obligated to follow them, but they will definitely enhance your credibility as a poster and should be actively encouraged.

1. When you create a thread, make sure that the title clearly reflects what the topic is about. Avoid vague titles such as “Check this out!” or “This is insane!”

2. Before responding to a thread, read what has already been posted. For longer threads, it’s probably best to read the first few pages to get a general feel for the topic and the last few pages to see where the discussion is now. Discussions evolve over time and responding to someone with a reply that indicates you haven’t been following the immediate conversation makes you look daft.

3. Strive for posts that are free of spelling errors, grammatically sound, and punctuated appropriately.

4. When arguing, justify your views with sound reasoning and citations for any claims taken from other sources. Keep in mind two things: 1) not all sources are created equal and 2) posting a link ALONE is not a fitting substitution for a valid argument.

5. You will probably be zinged by a fellow poster at one point, most likely for a mistake you made in a discussion. Get over it, acknowledge your error, and respond maturely. A reputation for learning from your mistakes goes much farther than a reputation for stubbornness.

6. While many posters probably feel inclined to attack the poster instead of responding to the argument, the latter approach is always preferable.

7. Resist the urge to derail a thread’s discussion to a completely different topic. For example, avoid side conversations about a friend’s day, as this is something you can talk about in Facebook chat or an off-topic thread that would allow for it.

***Think before you post.***