Onward Christian Soldiers ministry (OCSM)

is a Christ-centered ...group formed in these difficult times for the purpose of seeking God in an all-out effort to restore, uphold, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Faithful prayer soldiers standing in the gap for all prayer requests.

OCS’s foundation is PRAYER. Action without the leading of the Trinity is futile, thus the condition of America today. We must seek the Face of God and be led by the Holy Spirit to accomplish the mission He has ordained for His people during this era of American history. He is awakening the soldier-spirit in His people to march forth to accomplish His will for the future of America the Beautiful.

It will require the army of God to join together in brotherhood and common purpose to achieve what the LORD reveals to us through prayer, and the fearless sense of duty to bring glory to the only King we serve, King Jesus.

Contact Onward Christian Soldiers through Al Garza email: topgun1@hughes.net
or by phone at 520.678.7750.