Order of Man

Thousands of strong, motivated, ambitious men working to become ...the men we were meant to be.

-DO post your thoughts about masculinity/manliness.
-DO give your insights and opinions to other men's posts.
-DO invite men you know would be a good fit for the group.
-DO provide relevant links and resources (Do not start posts with links to your own content).
-DO show respect in your posts and comments.
-DO keep the memes to a minimum.

-DO NOT spam the group.
-DO NOT post inappropriate content.
-DO NOT ask for donations, charitable contributions, votes, shares, etc.
-DO NOT start posts with links to your own content.
-DO NOT share posts from other Facebook pages you manage.
-DO NOT make a post where you catch yourself saying "I know we're not supposed to but..." or thinking "I probably shouldn't but.." or "I don't know if this follows the guidelines but..." (Just keep to the DOs and DON'Ts).
-DO NOT brag about your weekend or your life without giving the men here a tangible takeaway for their own lives.

Looking forward to growing together.

Welcome to The Brotherhood!