Ormond to Daytona Swip Swap


1- You must include a PRICE,...DESCRIPTION, LOCATION & PICTURE with your post or it will be deleted by admin.
2- Bump your post every 12hrs. Whenever there is a comment on your post it is brought back up to the top. Otherwise if there has been no comments you can comment "BUMP" which brings your post to top of news feed in group. (BUMP- Bring Up My Post)
3- No drama will be tolerated, if there are any problems bring them to an admin's attention. It will get handled by you being deleted and banned.
4- If someone SELLING or BUYING does a no call no show. They will be removed from the group & banned. Just let administration know.
5- NO advertising of ANY kind. Herbalife, Plexus, Origami Owl, ect. Your post & yourself will be removed from the group by admin.
6- Please no asking for FREE items, this is a swip swap group for buying and selling unwanted items. Not an auction or charity. There are groups for that, just search on FB.
7- DO NOT comment on a post with negativity if you are not interested in the item. Keep your comments to yourself. If this happens and admin sees it you will be banned or if someone brings it to an admin attention you will be removed from group as well.
8- If posting more than 1 item at a time, please make an album so we can try to keep our group as organized as possible.
9- Local business advertising is ALOUD, but you are only aloud 1 post & you must bump your post every 12hrs no less.
10- If your item gets sold, make sure to delete the post or comment SOLD on it.

- Admin (Kristin Brown)