Have you ever thought "who designed that beautiful dress, or who did your lovely hair, or who choreographed such a great performance".
For a fact, every Nauruan individual, every age, are known to have achieved something impossible by making it possible in their lives, our positiveness makes us unique with our many great idea's, and many talents, to the extent that others are awed by how something so simple can be so wonderful and memorable.
So this group has been created for those gifted and talented Nauruans with the ability to express their talents in creativity, originality, traditionally, artistically, or even to simply learn from others in achieving that hidden talent and be masters in their arts in the near future.
Old or New our designs, art, traditions make us who we are. We are Nauruans, we are one, we are unique, blessed with so much idea's and talents, so let's make a difference in this world and show the world what we've got.